More Belated Feast Fill-ins

Hello & Happy Monday.

Covering off last week, Thursday saw a trip to M&S Food, Cov G, with colleague Bex, who funded my Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Sarnie. Fair bit of English mustard on the bread and requests for ‘more meat’ and ‘more gravy’  were well met by the creator, meaning I had a real beefy beauty. Cadbury’s cream egg was the sweet finish, top notch lunch and a happy Humpo.

Friday was Media Lunch day, and we went to the lovely Ping Pong Dim Sum restaurant on the South Bank.


Bloody marvellous it was too. We ordered a colossal amount of various dishes, far too many to successfully recount. Highlights included – 266 Oriental ‘spice’ pork crackling, 01 Roast pork puff, 169 Satay chicken spring roll, 56 Honey glazed spare ribs & 08 Coriander dumpling. I did the company proud and ate roughly twice as much as anyone at the table. Large bottle of Tiger Beer, couple of glasses of White and to finish one of my fave digestif’s, an Amaretto Sour – but with a twist – Wasabi. This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment as the Wasabi element was created by dropping 4 wasabi peanut crackers on the top, like coffee beans to a sambuca. Unorthodox. Cracking lunch all the same.

Wonderful weekend of sun, booze and hangovers, and a dining occasion worthy of note yesterday, when Shtomper and I walked down to Holloway for a fastfoodfrenzy Tapas session – my order comprised Deluxe Quarter Pounder meal (large) from McDo, a double cheeseburger on the side, Crunchie McFlurry (picked up free on a monopoly voucher), Choc Milkshake (shared with Lucy) and a Zinger Tower Burger from KFC. Eyes obviously bigger than stomach, so had the Zinger Tower for dinner a few hours later – went down a treat cold. All reminds me a bit of Tenacious D – Drive-Thru.  


Ping Pong South Bank on Urbanspoon


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