A wonderful lunch today at another restaurant that has spent some time on my hit-list. This Japanese restaurant on Charlotte St, home to a bewilderingly good array of restaurants, had a mouthwatering menu comprising the staples of sushi (which we had none of) and a huge variety of Japanese fried and grilled numbers, of which we had plenty.

A drink of Kirin to begin, then starters of seafood and vegetable tempura, scallops flambéed in whisky (incredible), spiced lamb cutlets (also incredible), snow crab & prawn dumplings & chicken dumplings and prawns in a light pastry with a creamy dip. Lovely stuff.

The mains, accompanied by white wine, consisted of dynamite beef from the specials board, a divine fillet of beef with foie gras and sea-urchin butter, wasabi lamb and and wasabi chicken. All of it lovely – this place is highly recommended.

Dessert was a chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream. We also finished with a ‘godfather’ – Jack Daniels & Amaretto over ice. Much, much more lethal than I expected.


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2 thoughts on “Tsunami

  1. Haven’t had much sushi for a while. Perhaps after the average Katsu experience from Wasabi. Umu, a Japanese restaurant of some renown is high on my to-eat list. Watch this space.

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