As with yesterday, today marked a long overdue catch up with a friend at lunch time.

As I was in charge of todays venue, I selected the Australian & New Zealand owned coffe shop Kaffeine on Great Titchfield St.

With a weekly changing menu with an emphasis on locally sourced, community oriented & independant decent nosh. And seasonal too. 

Health leading my thoughts again, I decided to go with the roast lamb salad, accompanied by mint, hummous, feta, mint, cucumber & spinach. The serving lady, an antipodean with a shock of long pink hair, then asked if that was the only salad I wanted. My eyes did the food-based equivalent of cartoon character dollar signs.


Thus I ended up with a plate comprising the roast kumara (sweet potatoes, had no idea) with yellow curry dressing, and in the middle quinoa with olives, orange segments, more feta and coriander. Of the three, my original choice of lamb was the best by far, though variety is the spice of life after all. At £5.50 it is perhaps slightly too dear but this is decent grub done well that I’d have no qualms about trying again. Perhaps sacreligiously I had no coffee, our only drinks the jug of water (superbly refilled by a man clearing plates). Busy inside and deservedly so, the abstract packing crate aesthetic is one which hits the right notes. Despite an undeserved hangover this was a lunch I really enjoyed.


Kaffeine on Urbanspoon


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