I’d spotted that Eat Street was trading on Tuesdays. Coupled with that fact, todays line up was mouth watering. 

There were the Mussel Men, Mother Flippers (only the fact I was at MEATLiquor last night and am going to Red Dog Saloon on Thurs stopped me from fuelling my burger addiction) and Beppinos. 

I had braved some driving April showers to get here though whilst I was ordering the skies became all blue and the sun put his hat on. 

I opted for the fantastic Banh Mi – engaging in some humurous chat with one of the vendors who seemed very suprised I’d specifically sought out Eat St – and even more so, her stall. 

I chose the Op Li Da beef. It’s strip beef cooked to order with a pear BBQ sauce. Huge bunches of coriander, shredded carrot and cabbage and chilli sauce (and some fresh chilli mix). 

I was concerned the fillings of the steamed baguette looked a bit skimpy, but fears were ill founded – this was a near perfect lunch. Tasty, light yet filling. Put a spring in my step on the way back to the office, where I discovered to my fury that the coke I had placed in the fridge that morning had been drunk. Livid.

Had a warm one from the drawer instead.



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