Bam Bou

A lunch I was looking forward to for the entire week hit the skids massively as work got very busy at 11am. 

Thus we had to rush what I had been seeking to savour; a first trip to Bam Bou, the Franco-Vietnamese (pan asian) that sits at the head of Charlotte Street.

The dining room was nice and classical, and felt not unlike a front room of a house. I kicked off with a bottle of Asahi black – a superb beer.  

We began with a clear broth of chilli, coriander and orange – normally I don’t rate these kinds of thing but this was really good, woke up the palate nicely. An insisted upon starter was the soft shell crab – and it was very tasty, with a zingy chilli dipping sauce.


Some chicken wings followed – a little to much of a fiddle to get the meat off the bone in any way approaching respectability, chopsticks abandoned early on. Superb satay on the side though, very sweet.


Then followed scallops with spiced pork belly. The scallops were only good, but the pork was divine – seasoned right through and quite a vibrant pink this was a silky, crackly and wonderful mouthful. 


My favourite dish was the fillet of beef. This was served in small bits, with a side pot of salt and pepper, which we were instrcuted to squeeze lime into before then muddling the beef through it – wonderful. 


Credit to the staff, who responded well to our requests for a hurried service, and the graciousness of our hosts. A couple of dishes were less memorable, the thai curry, and dumplings sat alongside the chicken wings as a little above mediocre. 

However I’d like to try it again in less distracted settings and see if this place is better than this – some of the dishes were fantastic and I can see why it is the go-to restaurant for a friend of mine.

So much to eat, so little time….


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